Since my husband Tom and I first got started with Icelandic horses about eight years ago, Gudmar has been there for us every time we have needed a hand. From riding clinics to buying, selling and training horses, every experience has been a positive one. We have learned a lot from him and have enjoyed many laughs and had so much fun. Besides being accessible, which with his schedule is amazing in itself, he has treated us with the care and respect one would receive from a close friend. Our journey with the horses has been a learning experience and has evolved over the years. This has meant that some wonderful horses have come and gone. Gudmar has been exceptionally understanding and sensitive to my feelings and sometimes indecisiveness along the way. His progressive thinking and willingness to continue to learn and share his knowledge is invaluable to the people and Icelandic horses in the US. We are extremely lucky to have Gudmar, his family and staff available as we continue our lives with the horses we have come to love so much.


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